SuperYou Weight loss: Why Lose Weight?

Posted by Jeremy Takody On October - 8 - 2011

Why do you want to lose weight?

It’s a simple yet profound question. Why do you want to lose weight?

Are you clear about your answer? Are you certain? Are your reasons strong enough to get you into action? Using those reasons, have you ever tried to lose weight, with some initial success, only to put the same weight back on a few months later?

If you have ever found your weight going up and down like a yo-yo, the chances are that you may not have found “YOUR REAL MOTIVATING FORCE”.

In effect… your reason WHY to lose your unwanted weight and WHY you will take the steps to keep it off forever. You also may not have identified the triggers which in the past may have caused you to slip up, get distracted or fall back into old habits.

You see over the years of training hundreds of clients to transform their bodies, what I’ve found is, that there are some unique similarities between those who successfully lose weight, and those who find reasons to justify why they can’t lose weight (excusitis 😛 ).

Over the next couple of articles I’ll quickly summarise nude celebrities some of my discoveries, some of which may surprise you.

First of all we’ll look at the surface.

Lets take a look at what both successful slimmers and yo-yo dieters commonly say are some of their reasons “why” they finally took action.

Top 11 weight loss “Why’s”

• I no longer fit into my favourite pair of jeans

• I’m going through a break-up, a divorce (or some kind of separation)

• I’m getting cartoon porn videos married

• I’m going on a holiday and want to look great in my bikini or bathers

• I lost my job and want my confidence back

• I want to lose weight to increase my chances of having a baby or lose weight to get my sex drive back.

• I just had a baby and want to return to the body I had before my baby.

• The doctor told me I need to lose weight or run a high risk of – diabetes, heart failure, etc etc…

• I don’t want to feel  (depressed, stressed etc) anymore…

• I’m drinking too much alcohol and want to do hot lesbian porn something constructive about it.

• I’m having a fight or competition event and need to cut weight.

The above are just a few of the top (11) reasons which on the surface appears to be why most people pick up the phone, SMS’d their favourite trainer (me… haha 😉 ) and got back into the gym.

Until you are clear on WHY YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT you are unlikely to take sustainable and effective action…

So at the very least, when you think about losing weight, are you CLEAR WHY?

Do you  really know your number one top reason why you should lose weight? Do you have more than one big reason?

Can you milf porn feel REALLY  STRONGLY about these reasons right now, enough to create a powerfuly “MOTIVATING FORCE”?

What would have to happen for you to get into your ideal shape, and keep that figure forever?

Take a moment now to Think on lesbian videos Paper and Write down hot milfs your top 10 reasons why YOU WANT TO and WHY YOU SHOULD lose weight right now, or write your answers as a comment below. Make sure you write at least 5-10 reasons. See if you can find 20 or more!

If you have a personal diary, you can use that as well.

You can also write HOW you intend to lose weight, as well as describe what the re-procussions might be if you didn’t lose weight?

Make sure you can REALLY FEEL and relate to your answers. What does it feel like to be at the weight you are right now? Can you imagine what it will feel like to be at your ideal weight, how great it will be? What are the worst things you can imagine that you may create for yourself if you don’t lose weight. What are the most porno gay painful situations and outcomes you can imagine for not taking ACTION?

Tapping in to your reason why, clarifying your desired outcome and magnifying that experience can be a powerful motivating force to take action, and an important step to achieving your health and fitness goals.

But as we will see over the next few articles, having a reason is not always enough to complete the picture, even if it does spur you on to take immediate action. What immediate action can you take right now?

For a FREE 21 DAY RAPID FAT LOSS training program with Jeremy Ta’kody SMS your full name and “SuperYou Bootcamp” to 0412034330. (Valid for Berwick and Blackburn and their respective surrounding suburbs in Melbourne, Victoria only).

If you haven’t yet written down why you should lose weight or stay in shape do so right now.

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