Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world. The Co-founder of the Tactical Mixed Martial porno gay Arts Association Jeremy has been studying martial arts for most of his life and teaching for over 20 years. Already an accomplished martial artist, he began studying the art and science of mixed martial arts (then called shootfighting) under the tutelage of John Will in the mid 90’s, long before the sport of MMA became popular, long before the name ‘MMA’ was even coined.  Jeremy soon earned his blackbelt in Shootfighting from John Will and was a senior instructor at John Will’s Shootfighting Academy in Geelong for many years. It was during that time that John introduced Jeremy to world renowned martial artist, movie star and former bodyguard – Master Richard Norton.

Jeremy left Geelong to become the editor of Australia’s three bestselling martial arts Magazine, Blitz, International Kickboxer Magazine and Australasian Taekwondo Magazine, and began teaching at various schools around Melbourne before settling at Malvern Martial Arts.

Later, under the guidance of Master Richard Norton, the Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Association was formed.

The Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Association now stands as one of the premier MMA grading systems in Australia, if not the world. Their motto “Modern Techniques, Traditional Values,” stands as an accurate assessment of the TMMA training philosophy.

Tactical Mixed Martial Arts also covers basic self defence and street survival from a reality based perspective. With over 7 years experience working within the security lesbian porn industry, Jeremy has taught this unique style to numerous police, security and military personnel with critical acclaim. He is in high demand for classes, seminars and private tuition.

“Even if you have little interest in competitive fighting, MMA is a great way to get fit,” says Jeremy.  “Students can learn all aspects of both the sport of MMA and the art of self defence through the fully graded Tactical Mixed Martial Arts (TMMA) curriculum.

“Tactical MMA differs from many other training systems in several ways,” says Jeremy. “Firstly the system uses a fully evolved MMA curriculum, in that Tactical MMA is not just a basic mix of some low level striking, wrestling and submission grappling.  It’s already gone through several layers of evolution, and literally thousands of hours of testing. We lead you step by step along your way to being a highly capable martial artist. This is not something we are new to. Richard, myself and our students have been doing this (MMA) a long time, and as such it is a pretty bulletproof way to learn high quality, cutting edge Mixed Martial Arts.” (Click here to see Jeremy perform some combinations; 1-10, rising hammer, 5-2 Reverse Straightblast 1,2,5,2, 1,2,1 Superman.)

“Secondly we take a look at fitness, self defence and combat sport from a scientific, reality based perspective. We examine ways to survive in the street and practice techniques that are suitable for the average person, not just the elite athlete. We cover techniques suitable for personal protection as well as strategies for professional security and law enforcement personnel. It’s a cliche, but we can train you to be your milf porn own bodyguard. It’s also an awesome way to get fit and stay in shape.”

“Lastly as a fully graded system, the Tactical Mixed Martial Arts curriculum is designed to be able produce and certify instructors. So if you enjoy teaching, are a personal trainer or currently have a school of your own, certification in Tactical MMA can enable you to teach under the TMMA Association banner. As such we have a rapidly expanding network of schools that use our curriculums. It is also nice to recognise personal achievement through achieving nude celebrities progressively higher grades, either as a student, or as an instructor. So if you want to get fit, learn mixed martial arts and practice some realistic self defence while maintaining traditional martial arts values, then TMMA could be for you. Full certification takes several years,” says Jeremy, “but with recognised prior learning and intensive training, affiliate grades can be earned within 24 months.”

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