Our goal with part two of this article is not just to create new behaviours and therefore new neural pathways in our brain, but to create and model ourselves in alignment with our individual higher self, and the greater universal divine which we are all a part of. As discussed in Part I it is of little value to learn to become competent and continue practicing or performing something which does yourself and others a disservice. We all make mistakes, but we can forgive ourselves and learn to create a better future.

As such, learning new behaviours is a powerful and important skill, even more so when in alignment with our core values and higher self.

So in regards to the personal “Alchemical” milfs energy, this same energetic process of raising vibration works not just for creating helpful new habits, but also as a direct and simple way for releasing negative emotional and mental blockages, which ultimately hinder our connection and therefore behavior, performance and harmony  with our true nature and the divine.

As with many “Alchemical” processes this “clearing” works on the basis of vibration, which among many ways is easily controlled through the use of assigning meaning to language, combined with nude celebrities visual imagery and emotion. The way described here is simple and direct.

Learning and improving ourselves is an ongoing process of refinement through mindfulness and self awareness. These concepts are based on the precept: “As Within, So Without”, meaning our external world is a reflection of our internal world. This is to say by working on ourselves we are working on the world.

Another way to think of this powerful principle is that by changing yourself you change the world. This is the true message of all Spiritual Alchemy.

So in regards to raising energy, when “catching” a negative thought, limiting behavior, illness etc we can use this formula for releasing and clearing, as well as realigning new behaviour. This act of self awareness and mindful correction is conscious incompetence (stage 2) and conscious competence (stage 3) in action. Do this repeatedly, and in time and with emotional investment, you will create a new habit or skill (stage 4). In breaking a habit it can also help to change the state of your body, by standing up, doing something unusual, moving differently, do a “Victory Dance” and putting a big smile on your face before performing and repeating the new behaviour.

So now that we are aware of how repeated mindful correction can change our habits, lets examine the relationship between what we experience and the “technique” of aligning, rejuvenating, overcoming obstacles and raising our energy. This powerful technique follows a clear process and is based on the assumption of an established Attentional Awareness of the ‘subject’ to be transformed. (Without Awareness one cannot specifically direct this process).

The below order can change but should include several if not all the following elements.
1. Naming (grounding)
2. Gratitude (connecting)
3. Forgiveness (clearing)
4. Love (raising vibration)
5. Realignment (faith while facing aligned outcome)
6. Asking (Asking / ordering the new outcome)
7. Receiving (staying in alignment long porno gay enough to Allow the new outcome to manifest).

For example if you have a flu, you could say out loud or in your mind (to your higher self):
“Thank you for this flu (connecting and grounding), please forgive me (forgiveness between your mind, body and higher self), I love you (raising vibration of your body). You are in charge of my health (realignment), please heal my body (asking), thank you, thank you thank you. (Reconnecting through gratitude makes allowance for the asking).”

Once establishing the lesbian videos intention one could then focus on a shortened mantra while performing any new behaviours that might be appropriate:
“Spirit (speaking to your soul) You are in charge of my good health, please heal my body. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

You can also visualize bright healing light expanding through the body part or subject matter, real or imagined, nearby or in another part of the world. Neither Location nor Time are important (as all things are One). Clear embodied (through your own eyes) visualisation of the the desired outcome from a place of love and gratitude will also help the process.

Another example:

“Thank you for this (insert injury, illness, situation here) , please forgive me, I love you. Spirit you are in charge of my ( insert realignment), please heal (or fix etc) my (insert asking), thank you, thank you thank milf porn you.”

This would then be followed by an abbreviation mantra and visualisation that carries the same asking, intention and cartoon porn video gratitude.

You can also perform this service for other people, regardless of the time or space that separates you. Say for example you see someone who is unwell, injured or in hardship you can help them by “atoning” or healing on their behalf. This is also based on the “As Within, So Without” principle in that what you notice in your world is ultimately a reflection of yourself, even when you observe anger, sickness or distress in others. By clearing, healing or realigning yourself, you also clear, heal and realign our world.
Together this is our great purpose, and a promise for a better life, and better lesbian porn future for all of us.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this information. Blessings of good health and success to you.
Jeremy Ta’kody