Discover the Power of Asking

By Jeremy Ta’kody

Thoughts precede events. They help create them.

The pictures that you make in your mind and the feelings that you have about those images assist in the way your reality unfolds.

Your experience of life right now, therefore, is the result of what is going on inside your mind.

This means that your mental movies, thoughts, emotions and unconscious self image, by their very nature will not only steer you, but also influence and organise your circumstances, attention and behaviour.

Your current situation is the sum of those thoughts.

Your job is to understand the relationship between your secret, cartoon porn video internal world, and your current circumstances. You can do this by controlling your Attention in the present moment while facing your desired future.

This task is known as The Art of milf porn Dreaming.

The Art of Dreaming is the art of living, it is the art of Asking.

To further understand this art, take a moment to perform a little Thinking on Paper exercise.


Think on Paper Exercise: Your life right hot lesbian porn now

Take a pen, or open up a word document, and describe your life right now.

Take a few moments to write at least two or three paragraphs for each area of your life.

Describe your work, your health, your relationships and your financial situation.

Make sure you describe how you feel about your current circumstances.

Once you have completed this Think on Paper exercise, take a moment to read over your answer. Again, ensure that you describe how you feel about your life right now.


The Art of Dreaming Continued…

Ok, now lets learn a little more about how you create your own reality.

Lets imagine for a moment that your mind is like a GPS system.

Every thought that you have, especially the emotions behind them act like both a compass and a magnet, directing your attention and attracting to you matching circumstances. These internal references of associated emotions, memories and mental movies are like a guidance system for your unconscious mind. This is true whether your mental movies are ‘real’ or imagined, true or false, accurate or distorted. Essentially, to your emotions there is no difference.

Remember that your Emotions are the set point of your Attraction.

This means that your attitude points you to face the direction of your thoughts, in real life. How you feel is what you see.

It may come as a shock to you, but your life in the future will be a reflection of your thoughts and attitude about the present moment.

If you focus on the positive aspects of your life, those aspects will continue to grow.

If you focus on the negative aspects of your current situation, those aspects will keep persisting, causing you to stagnate, stall or endure the same or similar events and circumstances.

If you place conditions on your happiness, saying, “I’ll be happy when ….(insert condition),” then lasting happiness will always elude you.

Take a moment to read through your answers to the Think on Paper lesbian videos Exercise: Your life right now exercise.

Notice the direction of your attitude.

Is it towards the direction of what you want, or away from what you want?

If your feel that your life is not quite going the direction you would like it too, or if you feel you are not quite reaching your potential, you are probably right.

Understanding The Art of Dreaming is to realize that we don’t get want we want, we get what we focus on.

You get the physical equivalent of your feelings about yourself.

Every thought porno gay and attitude is an Asking, an act of creation. This process is occurring continually, perpetually.

So it’s important to realize you won’t get what you want with wishful thinking, with a moment of prayer, and then forgetting all about it.

You get what you want because of what you focus on during every waking moment.

So, regardless of how you went with the Think on Paper: nude celebrities Your Life Right Now exercise, in the next blog I’ll begin to s hot milfs how you how to reset your Asking, and uncover more secrets of The Art of Dreaming.

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