The Power of NowGenerally we walk in the same direction as we look. When we want to change direction we look first, then act.

This process of orientation applies both internally as well as externally in that the direction of your Attention is your point of Attraction.

This means that we tend to move in the direction of our thoughts.

You should know that this means the mental movies and images you make in your mind will inadvertently or otherwise steer you towards what it is that you are paying Attention to, real or imagined.

In the previous blog post on the Art of Dreaming, we discussed the profound Power of Polarization, where for virtually every event or idea there is an opposite possibility, an opposite possible reality.

Your job is to choose to hold your focus (thoughts, emotions and actions) from the perspective of what you do want, not on the nude celebrities possibility (real or imagined),  of what is not wanted.

However, the Power of Polarization as a technique means that we can use a negative event, a negative thought or outcome as a fantastic way of catalyzing what we do want. We can use the awareness of our preference as the basis of choosing. This concept is based on the understanding that you have the power to assign meaning, to choose your attitude, to turn it into something good.
This choosing within the context of The Art of Dreaming is known as Setting to Face.

Take a few moments to perform this simple yet powerful technique.

The Power of Polarity: Think on Paper – Setting to Face exercise.

Take a pen and paper (your diary is best if you have one), and think about your life. As quickly as you can write a list of at least 5 things that you DON’T WANT in your life. Write anything that comes into your head…

I’ll give some examples in no particular order.

1: I don’t want to get divorced

2: I don’t want anything bad to happen to my partner

3: I don’t want to get injured

4: I don’t want to go broke

5: I don’t want to work hard for little or no money

Okay, make sure you write lesbian videos your own list too.

Read through your list and notice how you feel when you read those thoughts. Because your mind only works in the positive (i.e. don’t think of a white bear), you will think of and react to those statements with varying degrees of negativity, even thought they are stated as being something you don’t want. The stronger the emotion, the more it will direct your Attention, consciously or otherwise.

Now we are going to use the Power of Polarization to Set to Face the positive opposite of those statements. Write at least three positive opposite examples for each negative statement. Try to make each successive statement more powerful.

1. I don’t want to get divorced.

1a: I want to stay married. 1b I want to stay in a happy marriage. 1c. I want to stay cartoon porn videos happily married and deeply in love for as long as I live.

2. I don’t want anything bad to happen to my partner

2a. I want my partner to be healthy. 2b. I want my partner to be happy. 2c. I want my partner to be happy and healthy for as porno gay long as (he / she) lives.

3. I don’t want to get injured.

3a. I want to stay healthy. 3b. I want to stay healthy and strong. 3c. I want to stay healthy and strong for the rest of my life

4. I don’t want to go milf porn broke

4a. I want to be financially stable. 4b. I want to be financially prosperous. 4c. I want to create so much money I can enjoy an incredible lifestyle and set my children, my grandchildren and my grandchildren’s children up for life.

5. I don’t want to work hard for little money

5a. I want a fair pay for a fair days work 5b. I want to be richly rewarded for my contribution 5c. I want substantial financial dividends, royalties and massive passive paychecks to arrive often and easily.

Ok, make sure you work through your list and Polarize them by Setting to Face the direction of what you want, not what you don’t want.

This simple, powerful Setting to Face exercise begins an amazing process where you learn to become a deliberate creator, where you turn your dreams into reality. Notice how you feel when you read through your positive opposite statements. This awareness of your feelings is important in order to be emotionally congruent with your intention.

Next Blog, we’ll continue this process and begin to learn more about mastery of your Attention by regularly Setting meaningful Intentions.

Meanwhile if you catch yourself thinking about an outcome or event (from either polarity) take a moment to congratulate yourself (most people don’t have the dreaming Attention to catch their thoughts), and then use the Setting to Face technique to make sure you polarize that thought in the direction of the desired outcome. If you know you have caught a specific recurring negative thought (your own unique polar bear), absolutely make sure you spend a few moments congratulating yourself, do a little dance, put a big smile on your face and then take the time to think of a number of positive opposites (Setting to face). If you are keeping a diary, make sure you note these positive opposites so you can use them again and again to replace the old belief.

In the next blog we’ll also examine the relationship between this exercise and your unconscious beliefs and expectations. Till then, make sure you catch yourself thinking, especially if it is in the direction of what you don’t want, and ensure you reorient your mind movies, dialogue, emotions and mental images in the direction of your desire..

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