There are two sides to every coin.

Everything has an opposite.

You can’ t have high’s without lows, width without breadth, light without dark.

You may have heard of the Law of Gravity, where “What goes up, must come down,” but you may not have heard of the Law of Polarity, where “For every desired outcome, there is an opposite possible reality.”

This is a function of the unfoldment of time and space as much as being a construct of the mind. For anything to be wanted, there must be an unwanted opposite, conscious or not. For every nude celebrities good, there must be a possible bad. For left to exist, even just as a probability, there must be a right.

Our world is full of profound duality. Light and dark, night and day.

From the inversely proportional yin and yang standing scalar waves which make up the primordial binary systems of subatomic matter, to the grandest of goals or life situations, we derive much of our world and meaning of life from contrast. From opposites. Wanted or not wanted.

While it is up to us to assign meaning to this contrast, it certainly exists, not just as a figment of imagination, but as a very real and impending reality.

It is your job to choose from this infinite ‘unfolding possibility’. It is your job to decide and clarify your preference. It is your job to decide to look up instead of down, to say yes or no, to face your thoughts and heart towards what it is that you truly want.

You have the free will to decide, the power to focus if you choose to exercise it. Even when you decide to choose no preference, this too is a choice of your free will. It is this free will, a function of your Spirit which enables you to decide, enables you to create.

If you have not heard of it already, you should know about Telekinises… The Law of Attraction.

This law has been around as long as gravity, long before Newton was able to articulate and publish his Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica in 1687.

Jesus knew of this law and taught it’s principles to his disciples, but it existed long before Christ said “ask and ye shall receive”. It is thought that mankind discovered this law of the universe as far back as the times of Babylon and ancient Egypt, some 2000 years BC.

The Law of Attraction simply states that “the energy you emit through your thoughts and feelings will create corresponding circumstances”. As within so without. As above so below.

This Law has been described in numerous ways, and held in profound regard by ancient societies and messengers of ‘light’ and profound knowledge for centuries. Like the law of Gravity, Telekenisis of thought works in exactly the same way today as it did thousands of years ago.

Thoughts become things. Your emotions create your circumstances. Your faith and purpose become the “Asking” from the Universe.

What you should know is ‘the secret’… that you clarify porno gay your preference, your “Asking” with your Attention.

This means that what you give your Attention to often inadvertently becomes your Intention, your preference and point of Attraction even if that intention is unconscious.

You cannot exclusively hold the idea of what is not wanted in your mind and expect to get where you want to go any differently than you cannot drive your car forward to your destination by only looking in the rear view mirror. Trying to go one way while looking in another is asking for disaster instead of the effortless success that is available to you.

However, we can use the differentiation between what is wanted, and what is not wanted to clarify your vision of the future.

The Power of Polarization implies recognition of what we want by acknowledgeing what we don’t want. It is this acknowledgement that can become a catalyst for our preference. By recognizing lesbian videos the bad we can choose the good.

If you have ever heard of someone rising up from a disastrous event and achieving extra-ordinary success, you will know what I mean. Sometimes what is unwanted, becomes a catalyst for greatness.

But like The Law of milf porn Attraction, the secret you need to know is “how to perform this process in an easy way…” Without having to physically, actually live through great trauma. You can do so by projecting your mind into the future, or into the past, real or imagined. While your power is right here, right now, your inspiration to success can be catalyzed by the power of polarization, using the Art of Dreaming.

The Art of Dreaming has been used in numerous ways for thousands of years to clarify lesbian porn intention, to create amazing outcomes, realise profound truths and even to perform what some people might call “miracles”.

This art is the heart of Telekenisis, of creating and attracting the milfs life you want.

In the next blog post I’ll show you how to use the Power of Polarization to clarify your compelling future.

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