When it comes to understanding the mind body and spirit connection, in relation to learning, there are 7 clear stages.

Each of these stages represent an important step towards self mastery in any area of life, but more importantly in context with learning for living your life’s purpose.

1. Unconscious incompetence — We don’t know that we don’t know.
2. Conscious incompetence — We realize that we don’t know, and catch ourselves being “incompetent”.
3. Conscious nude celebrities competence — We begin to think or behave in the new way but it requires concentration and attentive mindfulness.
4. Unconscious competence — We have performed the skill or competency often enough to create strong neural pathways in our cerebellum (a part of the brain that is believed to store, coordinate and automate behaviours) and mirrored in other pathways throughout our brain. We no longer need to consciously “think” our way through the actions. This frees our higher order thinking to process other information.
5. Creative hot milfs competence — We are able to intuitively and successfully transfer those competencies in lesbian videos powerful new ways or in different circumstances. It is this ability of the human mind which allows us to improve and problem solve in a lateral or “out of the box” way, rather than always a linear way based solely on logic or the past.
6. Spiritual Competence — Not only are we able to perform unconsciously and creatively, but in alignment with our life’s / souls “authentic” purpose. We can do new things and reprogram new habits, but they won’t really help us unless they are in alignment with our higher self. Before undertaking a new direction pause to reflect and ask yourself for guidance. Sometimes the “logical” directions are not the ones you were meant to take, without this stage it is difficult to achieve lasting fulfillment.
7. Universal competence — We are able to perform in alignment with the Divine Source. The basic premise of alignment with Source is simply that all thoughts feelings and behaviours are in alignment with love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude and service.

What may not be known is that this model also follows an ancient Alchemical ascension in terms of rising personal vibration, which can be described as:
1: Earth
2: Water
3: Fire
4: Air
5: Emptyness (Zero porno gay Point Field)
6: Spirit
7: The cartoon porn videos Universe

This is the same model of Ascension as The 7 Attentions as described in previous posts.

There are of course other ways to analyse learning, especially in terms of sensory modality, such as visual, auditory, kinaesthetic etc, and also in terms of reading, listening to a lecture, physically practicing, mental rehearsal or teaching others. (See “Learning Pyramid” below right.)

Yet our goal with this article is not just to create new behaviours and therefore new neural pathways in our brain, but to create and model ourselves in alignment with our higher self, and the universal divine which we are all a part of. It is of little value to learn to become competent and continue practicing or performing something which does yourself and others a great disservice.

So in regards to the personal “Alchemical” energy, this same energetic process of raising vibration works not just for creating helpful new habits, but also as a direct and simple way for releasing negative emotional and mental blockages, which ultimately hinder our connection and therefore behavior, performance and harmony  with our true nature and the divine.

To Learn how This Alchemical process lesbian porn can be used in a practical way, read part II.