Where attention goes energy flows.

It is a simple statement with far reaching connotations. From the idea that thoughts become things to influencing the time-space vector collapse of probabilities, attention and energy are infinitely connected.

This information has existed in various forms for countless centuries. However, now more than ever this information about The Secret Power of Attention is accessible to the general public.

The purpose of this post is to inform you of the different Attention states and how they may affect you.

By doing so, you will receive a greater understanding of how your mind is connected to your body and what it means you can do.

There are seven clearly identifiable states that lesbian videos operate simultaneously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

These states of attention influence how you perceive the world, and give you access to power that is beyond your wildest imagination. A power that you have always had, that you were born with and you already use without being aware of how amazing you already are.

The First Attention: Knowledge and Logic

Predominantly left hemispherical, The First Attention operates from your memory, and filters the present world through your logical, usually fear based processes such as the mind or internal dialogue. This state tends to influence the future based on the past and is limited by your knowledge. The first attention, logic and knowledge directly influence our level of success, business matters and making money.

The first Attention is important to understand because what you know and the way you think about it has a dramatic effect over what you do and how you feel.

The Second Attention: Intuition and Creativity

Predominantly right hemispherical, The Second Attention operates from non-linear, non-logical possibility, and can be accessed through faith or by shutting off the internal dialogue. This state allows for problems to become opportunities and feelings and thoughts to provide you with additional feedback, and insight.

The second attention is a learning state, is not limited by what you previously know and can be extremely valuable for personal relationships and success.

The Third Attention: Telekinesis and Healing

Also known as the Law of Attraction, the Third Attention is the centre of your emotions. This state draws to you what you focus on (telekinesis) creating synchronicity or so called coincidences. The Third Attention is also the state where the pictures you make and your thoughts and feelings about your perceptions affect your physical body. Connected to every single cell in your body via the central and peripheral nervous systems, your thoughts have the power harm, heal or manifest through the power of intent.

Understanding the Third Attention is important, because the nervous system facilitates the very vibration of thought, attracting to you what you give out.

The Fourth Attention: Beliefs and Values

The Fourth Attention filters the world through your deep driving beliefs, and the core values which trigger internal responses. These core values and internal responses influence your other hot lesbian porn attentions and create habits through behaviour. The Fourth Attention also influences our capabilities and our potential. In addition, these perceptions are closely linked to an assemblage of our deleted, distorted and generalized personal history and perceptual orientation of time.

The Fourth Attention is worth examining to understand our deep driving beliefs. These beliefs can be changed and directly effect our behaviour.

The milfs Fifth Attention: Time and Space

The Fifth Attention is the moment of now and the manifold of Time and Space. This is where possibility becomes observed reality through the continual unfolding of energy (represented by Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Void). This realm of dimensional time and space can only exist because of the Sixth Attention. The manifold of this unfolding universe is you, and is created by your actions and Attentions. All things that exist in this vibrational time and space continuum are illusions and by their very nature impermanent.

The Fifth Attention is important because neither the past, nor the present are real, yet our habitual thoughts about them influence what we do. If we are able to bring our Attention back to now we have a chance to be more conscious and in control of our reality as it unfolds.

The Sixth Attention: Your unique self

The Sixth Attention is your unique consciousness and facilitates the emergence of time and space through the simple act of observation. This Attention and act of observation can be used to observe your own mind, grasp the moment and unfold the other attentions. Your unique self is part of and infinitely connected to the source.

The Seventh milf porn Attention: The Source

Before time and beyond all space, the source is the energy sustaining all things, connecting all things for all eternity. The source behaves cartoon porn videos according to non-discriminatory and non-judgemental laws.

Understanding the nature of the source and our part of it is one of mankind’s greatest endeavours. From quantum physics and eastern philosophy to metaphysics and ancient sciences, all of these studies indicate one thing. We are infinitely connected to a source of energy. The reality we experience, we take part in creating through our infinite connection to the source.

While the Seven Attentions may initially be a little overwhelming, understanding them can be facilitated through a simple illustration.

This illustration diagrammatically explains the assemblage of these attentions and their subsequent functions.

In addition to becoming aware of these 7 Attentions porno gay there are a set of internal disciplines and insights that aid our understanding and awareness of how we are creating our reality.

These disciplines include: The Art of Living, The Art of Creation, The Art of Stalking, The Art of Dreaming, The Art of Dying, The Seven Universal Laws, and the Conservation of Energy.

In following articles I will examine these arts and explain their celebrity nudes value and function in succeeding in your daily life and in helping others to succeed.

Jeremy Ta’kody is a mind-body expert, martial arts instructor, mentor and inspirational speaker. He is the author of Unfolding the Universe: The Secret Power of Attention. He is also the CEO of Three Powers International and BlackBelt Digital Video.  He currently consults for several leading education and training organizations.