The Seven Attentions link your mind with your body through seven different modes of consciousness.

These seven vibrational modes influence how you perceive and interact with the world, both past, present and future.

By understanding the framework of your awareness you can reclaim vast amounts of personal power.

By learning, practicing and mastering simple exercises you can in time improve the quality of your life in every direction. Mastery of your Attention is to paint the story of your life as an artist, an Artist of The Spirit.

It is important to remember that all your Attentions operate simultaneously 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We simply shift Attention modes from time to time, allowing us to be aware of our perceptions in a deeper and deeper way. We can also become aware of our unconscious programing, and through the use of a wide variety of techniques recalibrate or re-write those programs to ones that create new, more desirable outcomes.

Sometimes these outcomes are simply the ability to be less outcome focused, and in doing so become more mindful, grateful and unconditionally joyful in the present moment.

The intention of this article is to deepen your understanding of the Seven Attentions. By understanding the content, direction and focus of your Seven Attentions, you are then able to take steps to predictably shift your experience of reality to one that is more personally and spiritually rewarding.

The First Attention

The First Attention is Doing Mode.

Pre-occupied by the activity of the internal dialogue, most people habitually inhabit this state for much of the day, where your mind is continually jumping from task to task, rationalising, comparing and analysing your perception through what it already knows.

While in the first Attention, your mind is like a monkey, jumping from subject to subject of it’s own accord.

Make a list of your key skills, interests and knowledge, and you will find that it is these areas which influence much of your Attention, including your current level of success.

Describe your personal story and you will begin to uncover the references you have used to unconsciously create your self-image.

Think of someone who is very successful in a field you would like to emulate. What is it that they must know to achieve the kind of success they seem to enjoy?

Quickly list one new skill you could learn that would enable you to achieve dramatic new levels of success.

The Second Attention

The Second Attention is Learning mode.

By reducing or shutting off the activity of the internal dialogue, we have an opportunity to fill our mind with new information.

The Second Attention is also a creative, intuitive non-linear problem-solving mode.

The Second Attention is also a dreaming mode where we can project our mind into the possible future, and glimpse how we might feel under varying circumstances.

Often we fluctuate between the first and second Attention as we try to solve problems with a combination of thought, logic and memory (first Attention), and spontaneous awareness of both literal and symbolic pictures, mind movies and feelings (Second Attention).

By clearly identifying a goal or problem, and then not thinking about it (by turning our Attention solely to one activity such as exercise, work or positive communication), we free up our mind to provide us with spontaneous insights and creative solutions.

As a powerful exercise, in thirty seconds or less, write down your top three problems.

In thirty seconds or less, write down your top three goals.

Read at least one of these problems or goals in your mind before undertaking any specific unrelated physical task, and then mindfully observe that physical task with you full Attention (no longer consciously focusing on your problem or goal). Stalk and acknowledge any insights or creative solutions that later arise while you are no longer focused on the problem, but in the doing of the other task.

This exercise allows you to listen to your intuition, to become mindful of your feelings and to creatively turn problems into opportunities.

Remember that a problem clearly identified is a problem half solved.

The Third Attention

The Third Attention is feeling mode.

If you carefully examine your feelings at any given moment, you will notice that they exhibit varying degrees of two simple emotions; pain and pleasure.

Also described as tension and relief, anything you place your awareness on, real or imagined will correspond with a varying degree to of one of these emotions.

This scale of varying degrees of pain or pleasure is known as your Emotional Assemblage Point.

Becoming mindful of your emotions and being able to name, then rate them on a scale of 1-10 will help lay the foundations for a system which will help you manage your feelings about a wide variety of subjects under many different circumstances.

It is important to understand your emotions, as it is the emotional intensity of your thoughts about any given thing, positive or negative, which will attract milf porn that thing into your awareness, into your life, even when it is not wanted.

Your emotions also affect your physical body through a wide variety of physical sensations and chemical processes. Your body records the effect of these emotions and will make associations (both positive and negative) between these emotions and the content of your other senses.

These associations later become both conscious and unconscious references used by your Attention to process, filter and distort new information.

If you ever find your mood or attitudes turning in the direction of tension, take a deep breath, change your posture and exhale in relief. Immediately put a big smile on your face and count your blessings, sing a happy tune or listen to your favorite uplifting music. By shifting your Attention towards a more positive posture and Attitude you can later (sometimes only a few seconds later), revisit your situation with a new positive resourceful attitude.

Don’t forget, what you resist, persists. Self-acceptance, forgiveness and love will clear the way for you.

Always remember that it is the emotional intensity of your thoughts and feelings which bring the physical equivalent into your life.

By focusing on the direction and service offered by what you want to do or achieve, you orient your Emotional Assemblage Point and therefore your point of Attraction toward what you want. If you find your monkey mind and internal dialogue (First Attention), interfering, be kind to yourself, smile and use whatever method that works for you to refocus on achieving your goal or successfully performing your desired service with an attitude of gratitude.

The Fourth Attention

The Fourth Attention is Faith and Habit Mode.

Your brain is designed to learn, and in doing so wire and rewire itself.

When you perform a task, hold an attitude, or repeat meaningful words often enough they begin to stick to your unconscious mind.

The fourth Attention is the rudder steering the ship. The fourth Attention is the programs you use to process the information your senses receive.

The Fourth Attention is the collection of personal beliefs, values and habits we acquire over a lifetime, many of which when we are just children.

The Fourth Attention also holds your self image, as well as the thought structures you use on a regular basis to process all sensory information.

Any thought, or idea you have invested your faith in becomes a program via which you will then habitually use as a reference to interact with the world. This process will often create a cascade of emotions (and therefore Attraction) regardless of whether that belief, habit or value is the truth or not.

By learning to kindly and mindfully examine our thoughts, behaviour and performance, we can begin to question and uncover our beliefs and remove our faith from inefficient programs.

You can also discover that successful people have successful habits.

These habits can be learned.

By learning to think and feel like the people we wish to become like, we can create new habits, invest our faith in new ways and create new outcomes.

Ask yourself, who are the five people you most commonly associate with?

Average their income and you will discover this figure is likely to be your benchmark income, your role models for success.

Simply by associating with experts who play at what you need to work on, you will dramatically shift your self image, and therefore your potential for success.

Work twice as hard on yourself as you do on your occupation, and you will enjoy more than double your current level of success.

The Fifth Attention

The Fifth Attention is Being mode.

The Fifth Attention is the moment of now, the unfolding manifold of time and space, the rippling field of pure potentiality this physical universe is made of.

In quantum physics this manifold is known as the Zero Point Field, and it connects all time, with all space.

You are the physical expression of this manifold.

You are the Fulcrum of your own unfolding universe.

In the physical world this fulcrum of the universe is the perpetual moment of now. By reconnecting to the moment of now you reclaim an enormous amount of your personal power.

Your task is to spend you’re here on earth time enjoying the moment for what it is.

Each day you can easily reconnect with this powerful mode simply by breathing.

Simply by focusing on your breath, you can clear your mind and learn to reconnect to your body, in doing so reconnecting to the present moment.

If you find your monkey mind returning (First Attention) kindly redirect your thoughts back to your breathing and simply be.

This simple mindful exercise can also be applied to any task, be it eating, walking, working, or doing the dishes.

Too often we process the current moment by thinking of the past or the future.

Make time on a daily basis to simply be, to breath and to reconnect to you.

Turn off your phone, the TV, the computer, and take a moment to simply porno gay enjoy breathing.

This simple exercise can dramatically shift your awareness and elevate your mood, increasing your tolerance of stress, and ability to regroup when outcomes aren’t exactly what we desired.

Take stock of your most important tasks and goals, the ones that will really matter in a years time, and make a prioritised list. Visit that list at the beginning and end of each day, choosing the most important task, and plan your day accordingly.

Mindfully focus on the task at hand, and do that task as best you can until completion.

Now is lesbian porn the only moment you ever have.

This one simple task of bending your Attention to focus here and now on high priority tasks is one of the single most important skills for your success.

What are your most important tasks?

Is there anything you have been trying to ignore?

By learning to clear the issues that arise in our daily life and then refocus on high priority tasks we can Conserve our Energy, save time as well as achieve extraordinary results.

The Sixth Attention

The Sixth Attention is the Mode of Joy.

The Sixth Attention is beyond time, before space.

The Sixth Attention is your non-physical self, the seat of your consciousness.

This non physical self exists within the manifold, within the field of pure possibility, beyond time beyond space.

One of the most powerful realisations is to know that you are not simply one being.

You are in fact at least three: your mind, your body and your spirit.

The key understanding of Spirit is that while a part of it facilitates your consciousness in the here and now, the greater part of it simultaneously exists within the void, within the field of pure possibility.

From the souls’ perspective, it can see all the possible futures, and all the possible pasts, and will unconditionally allow you to choose whatever you focus on.

When you are here and now, thinking, feeling, dreaming, imagining, believing, those thoughts feelings and vibrations are experienced by the greater part of you, and in turn effect the unfolding universe.

What is it that you are focused on?

What is it that you believe?

How do you feel when you think or talk about the present moment?

The Seventh Attention

The Seventh Attention is Connecting mode

The Seventh Attention is the source of hot milfs your soul, is the source of all that is.

By Forgiving yourself and others of shortcomings, for less than perfect thoughts or actions, and instead in accepting and loving ourselves and one another, we begin to reconnect with the power that formed the universe.

While the term “Connecting” is such a short sighted way to say aligning with spirit, with source, that is exactly what it is.

When we connect to ourselves cartoon porn videos and to our source, in a loving, unconditional way, we can then connect unconditionally with others.

From this position life will still have it’s ups and downs, but we can bob up and down on the surface of the waves without feeling like the ship is lesbian videos sinking.

We can weather the storms by knowing the blue sky’s within, and seeking less from others or outcomes and enjoy in doing so find and share more joy.

While it may sound a little “out-there”, this is the message that has been passed on for centuries through numerous voices, in numerous ways. If you are reading this article, you seem to be listening. If you are looking for a sign, simply become mindful of your Attention, and a sign will be given.

Understanding the Seven Attentions offers a clear way to begin to find our own true north, to clarify your hopes and dreams, to manage your emotions, habits and to enjoy the present moment.

Take time each day to count your blessings, to connect with yourself, your passion and those you love, and all the rest is simply a bonus, a story you weave with your soul.

In this way you are a great artist, an Artist of the Spirit.