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Weight Loss and The Power of Pain

Posted by Jeremy Takody On November - 9 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Last post we took a quick look at some of the top reasons I hear from clients wanting to lose weight.

These common reasons why to lose weight include: no longer fitting into your favourite pair of jeans, going through a break up, wanting to look good for wedding photos, wanting to slim down after having a baby or to look good in a bikini for summer break. Some of my clients want to cut weight for professional fighting, competition or a special event.

Whatever your reasons WHY YOU SHOULD LOSE WEIGHT you should become really clear about them so that you can increase your chances of success.

If you havent read my last post “WHY LOSE WEIGHT?“, you should do so by clicking here.

The point is, there is a consistent difference between those who lose weight, and those who never even start. There are specific and common differences between those who lose a little body fat only to put that unwanted weight back on (the dreaded yo-yo effect), and those who push through their own limitations and ultimately create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

So this post we are going to start to look a little deeper into this riddle of fat loss, and discover the number 1 difference between those who get started, and those who settle for second best. In doing so we will start to learn WHY and HOW to keep unwanted weight off LONG TERM.

That difference can be summed up in two words. EMOTIONAL MASTERY.

Those who are able to lose their unwanted weight, and keep it off long term are able to tap in to their driving forces, their deep, powerful emotions, and not only take advantage of them, but learn to overcome them. This often happens “by accident” as part of the weight loss journey, but it can also happen intentionally with amazing side effects. Either way it’s a consistent fact that plays a major role in cartoon porn videos successful weight loss.

Said another way, those who are successful are able to do things that make them feel uncomfortable in the short term, to gain long term pleasure. They are able to be motivated into action, even when that initial action is potentially difficult or painful, and then take consistent action until they achieve their goals.

So lets be really clear about this.

For most people the initial ACTION for creating weight loss and change starts by connecting to their PAIN!

Your Pain right now. Your Pain in the past, and even more potential Pain in the future.

In fact, on average people are FOUR TIMES more likely to TAKE ACTION to avoid or escape PAIN compared to taking action to gain PLEASURE… Thats a %400 difference of PAIN over PLEASURE to start to create a change. So when it comes to starting your weight loss journey, connecting to your PAIN is king!

You see FEELING PAIN from the past, the present and foreseeable future will help you make a decision. A decision to do something about your current situation. A real decision is ALWAYS followed up by ACTION!

Feeling MASSIVE PAIN will help you take massive ACTION!

You may already know that the opposite of PAIN, meaning PLEASURE, is often responsible for long term WEIGHT GAIN. This is especially true of short term pleasures. The quick sugar fix, the soft drinks, the pasta, even the fruit snack as a way of feeling GOOD. These small guilty short term pleasures are in fact the cause of so much long term weight gain and PAIN!

Those people porno gay who find their reason why to start to lose weight right now, no matter what those reason are, are 4 times more likely to TAKE ACTION by identifying and connecting with their PAINFUL emotions. The action happens when the LONG TERM PAIN IS GREATER THAN THE SHORT TERM PAIN. That doesnt mean to say that you cant be motivated into action by pleasure. You can. But after training hundreds of clients over the years, there is a vastly greater number of people who successfully lose weight by tapping in to their immediate and future PAIN. The more overwhelming that pain is, the more likely individuals and groups will take ACTION!

The interesting thing is, in many cases that PAIN that causes ACTION isn’t even real. It’s imagined. Either as recollected memory or as a constructed image or movie in your mind. The PAIN often comes from an idea, a belief or as an image about yourself in a particular situation.

You see PAIN can be entirely in your head. For this reason, and why WEIGHT LOSS REQUIRES EMOTIONAL MASTERY, is all to do with what goes on inside your mind. The thoughts you have, the pictures and mental scenarios you make in your mind and most importantly, HOW YOU FEEL about those thoughts, pictures and movies can be deliberately manipulated. They involve very specific mental steps, rituals and actions which can be copied. They can be mastered until they become automatic. They become HABITS. They can be mastered by you. And the thing is, if you don’t master your emotions, your life will be subject to them.

I’ll say that again because it is important.


This includes your potential success and performance in your work life, your relationships, your finances and most positively in your HEALTH.

For example lets hear about Jenny’s story.

Jenny was going on a holiday to Bali. Even though her holiday was months away the thought of being in a bikini at her present weight made her feel sick. Jenny knew she needed to lose her excess fat fast, and just the pictures in her head of standing in a bikini in Bali with people looking at her were clear enough for her to feel bad. Just the thought of being in Bali, by an imaginary pool or near the beach in a bikini at her current weight made her FEEL A SWIRLING , STABBING BROWN ICKY SICKNESS in her stomach and chest. Every time she thought of being in Bali in a Bikini she felt nauseas, so nauseas in fact that she decided to join a bootcamp and get into shape. Not only did she drop the excess weight, but she got into the best shape of her life both mentally and physically…. and that’s AWESOME! … but the point is, the pain she experienced to get her into action was caused by to connecting to an IMAGINED EVENT. It wasn’t real. It was only in her mind. But it still helped push her across the line. HER IMAGINED REASON WHY still helped her take action…. and that kind of pain can help you take action too.

So what is your reason why? Is that reason painful enough?

Either way you are probably not alone with how you feel. You see, there are hundreds of stories like Jenny’s.

Nicola’s thoughts of being overweight on her wedding day…. Gary’s thoughts of Vanessa seeing him naked and her being disgusted with the sight of him without clothes… Lauren’s thoughts of having to buy clothes in a size she really didn’t want to wear.

So the message of this post is that most of those who successfully take initial action to lose weight do so, because they experienced SIGNIFICANT PAIN (real or imagined).  POWERFUL PAIN. Enough PAIN to get you up in the morning to go for a walk, to steadily cut down on unnecessary carbs, to eat more greens and coloured vegetables. To take the stairs instead of the elevator, to join a boxing gym and actually go to the milf porn classes, go to bootcamp or start working out with a personal trainer. The bottom line is for most people to succeed they need to find enough PAIN to make a CHANGE.

So if you want to make a change in your life, statistically the best way to do it even when you don’t really know your WHY , or HOW, is to learn how to associate as much pain as you can with your situation. Pain about a similar situation in the past. Lots of Pain right now. Lots and lots of pain in the future. When you experience enough pain you hot lesbian porn will find a way to appease it. You will make a decision. You will take ACTION!

So despite the good feelings of prospective weight loss itself, or the good feeling thoughts of imagining how you will look with your new regime, statistically the number 1 reason most people actually start START TAKING ACTION to lose weight can be found in their thoughts PAIN. That makes PAIN POWERFUL. Powerful enough to be totally transformative. Powerful enough for you to turn that pain into something great!

So hot milfs to summarise:

The Power of Pain

• People who want to lose weight must have a reason why

• People who successfully take action to lose weight are often not only clear about their reason why, but connect to that reason emotionally (PAIN).

• People only who only seek short term pleasures are more likely to stay overweight

• Feeling PAIN motivates action. More than FOUR TIMES as many people take action to lose weight when they feel pain that for them is unbearable.

• You can connect to feeling unbearable pain in the past, the present and the future just by IMAGINING thoughts, pictures and movies in your mind, even if they are not real memories.

• EMOTIONS, triggered by real, distorted or even imagined thoughts are the key to understanding your BEHAVIOUR.

• The process of connecting to specific emotions can be manipulated and mastered to create predictable and desired behaviour.

Next post we’ll take a look at how to specifically use your imagination to lesbian videos connect to and experience enough pain to take immediate action to lose weight!

In future articles, I’ll also reveal why using real or imagined short term pain is only part of the process to both EMOTIONAL MASTERY and predictable long term weight loss, and why turning short turn pain into pleasure is the secret to long term success.

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