Weight Loss and The Power of Pain

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Last post we took a quick look at some of the top reasons I hear from clients wanting to lose weight. These common reasons why to lose weight include: no longer fitting into your favourite pair of jeans, going through a break up, wanting to look good for wedding photos, wanting to slim down after […]

SuperYou Weight loss: Why Lose Weight?

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Why do you want milf porn to lose weight? It’s a simple yet profound question. Why do you want to lose weight? Are you clear about your answer? Are you certain? Are your reasons strong enough to get you into action? Using those reasons, have you ever tried to lose weight, with some initial success, only to put the […]

Richard Norton and Jeremy Ta’kody are holding a dynamic two hour MMA seminar at Malvern Martial Arts on cartoon porn videos Sunday 14th of November from 11am to raise funds in support of Ricardo Viera’s Favella project, a non-profit Jiu Jitsu gym for the children and teenagers of the Cantagalo and Pavaozinho slums in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. […]

Tactical MMA Seminar Video

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Check out this preview video of Jeremy Ta’kody Tactical MMA Seminar, held late 2009 at Invictus MMA Gym. Attended by MMA practitioners from around Melbourne, the seminar covered numerous Tactical Mixed hot milfs Martial Arts concepts, including: Basic striking, footwork for kicking, long and ‘short step’ Straight blast, lead and rear superman punch, concepts from the clinch, […]

Strength Training Tip: Walking on your hands

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I was speaking to someone on the phone the other day about MMA warmup drills and mentioned walking the full length of the gym on my hands. I find its a great way to build up strength, endurance as well as great balance. Here’s the proof… haha! The full video of the MMA seminar at […]